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Studio Makeover

Here comes that time of the year when I want to clean up my studio, tidy up my mind and restart fresh. I really think that "restarting" is essential to move forward and cleaning your space helps you to clear your mind, analyzing what worked and what did not.

My husband would tell you that I am pretty obsess with organization. I love labelling, planning or thinking of a space easy to work in and which will improve efficiency and productivity.

That Saturday morning, I just decided that I wanted to repaint and re-organize my creative space. I drew plans, wrote "to do lists" and impulsively, like I am, I put my "paint pants" on, turn on my French music and did it!

I read some articles about what color boost your creativity or what color helps you to relax and finally came up with a nice light blue to color my walls. I re-organized my storage, donated some items, added some shelves, replaced yellowish lightbulbs with white LED ones and move some things around.

My handy husband built this amazing 5ftx5ft workbench on wheels as well as the customized desk, that fit perfectly in that room.

That space is my office, my studio, a craft room for my kids and a place where my classes take place, so I wanted something easy to clean, bright, cozy and a space that I can leave in a complete mess when I needed to go.


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