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“Sometimes beauty and strength can be found in the most unusual places…” - Ron Dawson

Do you ever feel like you don’t amount to anything? Ever have bouts of low self-esteem? Well this little film about a Parisian woman who makes furniture out of cardboard just may inspire you.

"Unusual Places" by Ron Dawson. (SoundandSEA TV)

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Aline is a self-taught artist-designer, working with cardboard and recycled materials to create unique pieces of furniture and home décor. From tables and chairs to earrings and picture frames, she draws out of the cardboard beauty and functionality.

As a Parisian living in the Pacific North West, she finds inspiration in the intricacies and symmetry of the nature, the variety and color of global artists, as well as different cultures.

She loves working with clients to design exactly what they want or delighting people new to her art with simple beauty of an upcycled craft.

She creates because it is an expression of her joy for living and her desire to connect with the world. She uses her craft to educate others about what beauty can come from recycled materials.

Both artist and engineer at once, Aline balances aesthetics with strength. Using a medium that is inherently strong and durable, she folds, bends, cuts, twists and engraves the cardboard to create surprisingly sturdy and customized pieces, that look nothing like discarded boxes from which they began. 


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