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We love talking to our neighbors about the interesting things they're doing! Here is another Talk Show at Blakely Hall for you, this time about sustainability! This IH resident, Aline Bloch is an inspiration to us all! She has found simple ways to live a more natural, sustainable life, and is sharing them with the community. Thank you, Aline!

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“The thing about Aline’s furniture is that it is sturdy and durable. It’s strong enough to support full-size adults. Even with three kids, everything she has made over the past seven years is still standing." - Eric Wilkinson

“Cardboard can be strong and flexible at the same time,” she said.“The possibilities are limitless.”- Aline Bloch

Let's chat with Artist : Aline Bloch

We recently had the opportunity to chat with a local artist whose works also use material that would normally end up in the bin – cardboard.


“Compared to the brown boxes we all associate with cardboard, Aline’s art breaks the plane. Cute and colorful, they sport warm, Earthy colors and round corners."

"Cardboard furniture is not a new idea, but Aline's playful ingenuity has brought a fresh new flavor to a green idea whose time has come. Although an internet search (cardboard furniture) produces quite a variety of cardboard creations by artists and commercial enterprises, the personal touch is the signature of Aline's art." - Joseph Lamy

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”It’s addictive, gratifying, green, and so fun,” said Aline Bloch. “I give a second life to waste materials, in my case, cardboard.” - Summer Meza

April 15, 2018

On the association’s blog we write about the many creative uses to which corrugated board can be put. Now we have come across Aline’s Cardboard and we’d love to feature this truly extraordinary idea of creating furniture and decor made from cardboard.

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“Creativity is about taking material that most of us regard as trash, and turning it into something beautiful, functional, and one-of-a-kind.” - Andrea Moretsky

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“We are thoroughly impressed by the creations this mom of three crafts with cardboard materials.” - Upcycled Post

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