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Please have a sit...

This chair is one of my favorite creation.

People like my work but they usually are skeptical at first…How can discarded cardboard be strong and durable? I decided to prove that anything is possible with it: I designed a chair.

I wanted something large and confy, in which an adult could seat. Something curvy, because I like curvy! And something different, like not symmetric…

The secret is the internal structure. I used the honeycomb technique, which basically consists in using several cardboard sheets that fit into each other to create a regular geometric shape that reminds a hive.

To fill the curvy sides, I bent the cardboard along the edge of a table, glued and maintained the surface for few minutes.

For the decoration, I used earthy colors Lokta paper, which is a paper handmade out of natural fiber, then I applied it with water based wall paper glue. You will recognize here my signature, Earthy Patchwork colors!

Over 50 hours of work, of yelling, of discouragement and happiness!

And voila!

Here is a step by step series of pictures:


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