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Cardboard Side Table "The New York"

I created this side table, named "New York New York", several years ago.

I really love simple and contemporary shapes when I design a cardboard furniture. For this one, I used fine paper to give it a "vintage touch".

Let me show you some of the basic steps to make a cardboard furniture.

I always begin with a template, that I use to reproduce at least 3 identical profiles, which will be the front, the center and the back of my main structure.

In the center profile, I cut notches, in which I will insert traverses. This is the core of the furniture, the internal structure will make it sturdy and stable.

Then I cover all sides with cardboard sheets, and glue them to the main structure.

This step can be different from a piece of furniture to another. In this case, I sanded the edges and covered them with kraft tape. I lightly sanded again and covered the entire piece with fine paper and Lokta paper. Last but not least, I applied a water based varnish to protect the furniture.


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