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Fall is one of my favorite season... I love the bright earthy colors all around us and all the nature has to offer. It's so inspiring!

Working with recycled materials allows me to develop my creativity, my sensibility and the need to increase awareness for the environment. It finally feels natural to pursue my journey learning more about Nature resources and Eco art, to always explore, experiment, share and inspire people to create more sustainable Art.

So I decided to start an online course about Sustainable Art with CAES Sustainable Art School...and I just love it! (I will tell you more about it and share with you what I learned.)

Sustainable art is very close to environmental art. Sustainable craft and art is about creating sculpture, designs or paintings from natural materials respectful of the environment.

Through my research and my recent courses, I found "green teachers" from all around the world, and lot of methods to create your own art materials.

I invite you to explore the possibilities of making sustainable art and craft with your family. Go for a walk over the week end, grab some acorn, leaves, old branches and let your imagination do the rest.

At home, I reused egg shells to create a mirror and we did some Leaf paintings... even my teenagers enjoyed it!

Find here inspirations from my Pinterest board

Eco-Ar classes available for kids and adults Check this out !


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