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How to : turn a shipping box into a useful basket

I am sure that you received a lot of shipping boxes this past month. Here is an easy DIY to turn them into beautiful baskets.



  • Cardboard (shipping boxes)

  • Exacto / utility knife

  • Metal ruler

  • Glue gun + glue sticks

  • Twisted jute cord (thick)


Clean up the box. Replace the tape if necessary and glue the 4 sides with the hot glue.

Cut out and glue a rectangle as big as the bottom of the box to solidify the basket.

Start from the bottom and glue the jute cord all around your box.

Feel free to decorate or add a handle.


Hi, I am Aline.

Cardboard Designer & Eco-lifestyle Coach

Creative and eco-minded French-native mom of 3, you can find me sipping a cup of tea, eating French pastries, hiking around with my border collie, designing a new piece of art or advocating for a greener lifestyle. Everywhere I go, I always have some dust of joy and creativity in my back pocket.


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