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DIY - Make your own paper!

It might sound crazy but I have never had the opportunity to learn how to make my own paper. I surely knew the process, very close to the "papier mache" technique, I also like to use Nepalese and Lokta paper to cover my cardboard furniture, but I never made a single sheet of paper myself! The experience was very exciting.

I first watched videos and tutorials online. I saw people using newspaper, white paper, colored paper, even fabric, like denim! I also learned how to make my own mould. A month ago, I borrowed a book at the library, "The Organic Artist" by Nick Neddo and read a lot about sustainable art, how to make your own paint, ink, and of course paper... It's fascinating!



  • Old kitchen blender - (not the one to cook with!) I found one at Goodwill

  • Newspaper or used paper from your recycle garbage can - no plastic -

  • Water

  • Basin or vat

  • A large sponge

  • Cloth, towels or absorbent rug

  • A service tray



Gather the material and set up your station!

Step #1

Shred/rip up the newspaper or discarded paper. Put a couple of handful in the blender - Cover with water - Blend it to create your pulp.

The color of the scraps will determine the final color of your paper - Experiment and have fun.

You can also add leaves or flowers and blend them with your scraps. It will add texture.

Step #2

Pour the pulp in your basin, filled with water. Mix it up with your hands - adjust the amount of pulp - the more you have the thicker your paper will be.

Step #3

Dive your mould and decker in the basin - Lift it out horizontally from the basin - Give it a quick shake - Let the water run off and drain.

I added some dry flowers, grass and leaves - Feel free also to add a drop of acrylic paint to give it some colors!

Step #4

Take off the decker /the frame from the mould - Flip the paper on a service tray or an absorbent rug/cloth - place the screen on top

Step #5

Absorb as much water as you can by pressing the sponge -

Step #6

Take off the screen delicately - at this point I like to press the paper again and again to absorb more and more water. You can also transfer the paper from a towel to another dry one.

Let dry your paper at least 24 hours.

You can create book marks, cards or journals!


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