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DIY - Cardboard earrings

What is more fun and chic than making our very own pair of earrings with recycled cardboard?

I went with a geometric shape and ethnic inspiration designs. Of course, these earrings can be personalized.



  • Pencil and ruler

  • Scissors (or cutter knife + a cutting mat)

  • White glue

  • Acrylic paint + paint brush

  • Earrings hooks + Jump rings

  • Thin recycled cardboard sheet

  • Hole puncher (small hole)

  • Glossy Mod Pogde (optional)



Step #1

Trace and cut 2 identical shapes no longer than 2 inches. I like to do a template on white paper first.

Step #2

Make 2 holes (these will be for the hooks)

Step #3

Draw a design on each earring. I usually make them symmetric.

Step #4

Paint, let it dry and waterproof with Mod Podge if you want.

Step #5

Hook it up, and show your friends your unique cardboard earrings!



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