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DIY - Cardboard and paper cactus

Cactus are very popular right now. We find them as home décor, jewelry (see my shop), out of paper, wood, even as an inflatable float at the beach!

Today I offer you this easy and fun DIY to make your own little cactus frame with your kids.



  • Pencil and ruler

  • Scissors (or cutter knife + a cutting mat)

  • Charcoal pencil or white paint marker

  • White glue

  • Construction paper (any color)

  • Thin cardboard sheet

  • Corrugated colored paper sheets (optional)



Step #1

Trace and cut a 4" by 4" square in the cardboard (which will be the base of the frame).

Step #2

Cut several 1/4" cardboard strips

Step #3

Glue 4 cardboard strips on their side onto the base to create a frame.

Step #4

Then cut some little squares, that you will set aside. These squares will be used to add some depth to your cactus in the following steps.

Step #5

Trace and cut a cactus that fits in your cardboard frame. With your white charcoal, draw some design on your cactus (lines or dots).

Step #6

Trace and cut a pot in 2 parts, to plant your cactus in!

Step #7

Using the little cardboard squares and white glue, arrange your cactus. Starting by gluing the cactus, then the bottom part of your pot and the top.


Final Tip!

Here are some ideas to create your very own desert landscape or to vary designs with different papers and shapes. Don't forget to add some dimension to your work by using little cardboard squares.

Share your creations adding a picture to your comment below!


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